wash out, wash up, wash it all away (pennyroyal) wrote,
wash out, wash up, wash it all away

market wednesday, 13 october.

1/2 peck arkansas black - $5
gallon cider - $5
blueberry donut - $.65
green bell peppers - $2
green beans - $2.50
jalapeno peppers - $2
potatoes - $2
kale - $1

this is the first wednesday there have been arkansas blacks, which as far as i can tell are only grown by neimeth orchard, the one in ypsi from which i always get apples and now cider too. these became some of my favourite apples last year, when i tried them in my experiment to try different apples each week. that experiment paid off, too - my mother sent me a website documenting apple varietals, and i had tried at least 21 types. arkansas black are super crispy (to quote one of the orchard owners, "they're as hard as a rock!"), tart, and so deep purple they do almost look black. i'm going to mail some to my parents, because they mailed me some cox's orange pippins last week.

it gets so much darker week to week, but i love watching the sky lighten at the market and then coming home and sitting with my donut and tea, listening to my roommates' alarms going off, and waiting for the light coming in east from the trees that border our back yard.

fall break is this coming monday and tuesday. i'm going up to a friend's cabin on bois blanc, an island off of the tip of the lower peninsula. the pictures look beautiful, and it's about time for a break.
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