wash out, wash up, wash it all away (pennyroyal) wrote,
wash out, wash up, wash it all away

market 20 october.

1/2 peck empire - $5
gallon cider - $5
two (!) pumpkin donuts, vanilla icing with sprinkles (!!) - $1.25
tomatoes - $2
green peppers - $2
leeks - $2
hungarian wax peppers - $2
onions - $2

yesterday i went to petco to exchange a broken heat lamp bulb, and the way the cashier did the exchange meant i actually got money back. something with member price and non-member price but the point was i was given $1.27 back that i didn't really deserve but he didn't care about (quote cashier: "i'm not losing any sleep over it") and that obviously had to be donuts.

i've been making hot sauce these last few weeks, using different sorts of hot peppers. and it's tomato soup time. and potato leek soup time.

this last weekend was fall break, which meant i had two days off instead of one. instead of going up north, i had a staycation with rhiannon and it was great. time to make dinner, watch movies, snuggle, talk, run errands. i can dream of how productive i'll be when i always have two days off in a row.

i am so tired. some days i get so jealous of the people around me, the other grad students who don't have to go to work, who do who knows what with their time. do their homework in a leisurely fashion. go out at night. sleep in. i can't imagine. this is year four: two years with two jobs, now on the second year of job and school. when i feel weighed down i repeat to myself: income. health insurance. sick time. retirement money.
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