wash out, wash up, wash it all away (pennyroyal) wrote,
wash out, wash up, wash it all away

market day: 22 september.

we had crazy, amazing thunderstorms last night. which was great, but i already couldn't sleep. first great storm since i've been back, though.

then i woke up to go to the market, tried to make tea but turned on the wrong burner. the wrong burner had a pot lid (why it was there i am unsure) instead of the tea kettle, which sent off our very sensitive fire alarm. and then i still didn't have any tea. but i showered and went to the market to meet megan. we had settled on 8am, and since it was rainy it was still calm.

the haul:
eggs - $4
1/2 peck empire apples - $5
half gallon cider - $3
half dozen pumpkin donuts - $4
three zucchini - $2
tomato seconds - $2

now perhaps i should have spent that four dollars on produce instead of donuts, but i still have leftovers (one eggplant, one green pepper, the rutabaga, some potatoes and onions) from last week.

then i went to campus to meet with my advisor about my thesis, which is making me a little crazy and a lot stressed out, and then on my way home manage to break two eggs and squash two tomatoes. both are somewhat rescue-able. and i am eating donuts.
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