wash out, wash up, wash it all away (pennyroyal) wrote,
wash out, wash up, wash it all away

market morning - 29 september.

it's almost october. it was barely over forty degrees when i woke up, and the sun wasn't even quite up. i'm wearing long underwear and wool socks and gloves. yet it's supposed to be seventy this afternoon. oh michigan. i'm ready for fall, so just get there already.

today's haul:
1/2 peck idared - $5
1/2 gallon (neimeth) cider - $3
tongue of fire beans - $3
sweet potatoes - $3
bell peppers - $2
hot peppers - $2
sweet peppers - $2
apple donut - $0.65

i always buy apples from the same people, because i think they're awesome, their apples are awesome, and i love the regularity. today was the first day they've had cider. i hope it's great. the cider i got last week just wasn't quite as good as wasem's. but no pasteurized, store-bought cider could compare to anything from the market. anyways, i realise i've gotten predictable when i was considering apples, and the farmer just flat out asked if i was looking for tart, crunchy apples. why yes, it's what i do love! thus the idareds.

in other apple news, my father is sending me cox's orange pippins from seattle. no one here seems to grow them.

i had crammed my left-over change from getting hot chocolate the other day into my bag pocket and left it there, for which i was super grateful when megan got a donut and i couldn't resisit. also, the farmer i normally get eggs from was nowhere to be found. luckily, they also sell his eggs at the coop - iona was the one who got me obsessed with them, because they're super amazing. also, pretty much the whole house has switched to drinking calder milk (also super amazing) and now the fridge clinks with glass bottles.

pictures forthcoming. cause my peppers and beans are beautiful.

apparenty most of what i write and think about is food. i think it's a byproduct of working at a grocery store, having worked at a local store which definitely changed how i think about what i buy, working in the natural resource field. and just generally wanting to cook and bake all the time.

last night at work, a customer told me that she had told her friends that if they couldn't buy it from trader joe's, you didn't need it. i protested that we didn't have yeast year round - she asked why make bread if you could buy it from the store. i don't get it. i don't get how you can not be engaged in what and how you eat.
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