wash out, wash up, wash it all away (pennyroyal) wrote,
wash out, wash up, wash it all away

market morning.

today's haul:
1/2 peck mcintosh: $5
gallon cider: $5
yellow pearl onions:
little potatoes: $8 (those three all together)
bucket tomato seconds: $2
green beans: $2.50
blueberry donut: $0.65

i went slightly over my normal $20, 'cause i had extra cash, wanted a donut, and really, what is there more important or exciting to spend my cash on?

i've found, at this point, that my market veggies, plus supplemental dry good from tjs/the coop/by the pound - plus some non-market-available veggies - is by far enough to feed me through the week. i like the challenge of fitting recipes to the food i bring home, too. as it gets colder, i'm excited to find new recipes to try with winter squash.

we made pecan pie this week. one with vanilla, one with bourbon. both are super tasty. i've switched mostly from candy to the pies and other things we bake at home, and from soda to cider. it feels pretty great.
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